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Highly respected research clinics, hospitals, universities, and labs say that
pectin helps arthritis, cholesterol, diabetes, and reduces cancer risk.
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$7.95 for 90 Pectin Capsules (800mg each*. Dosage: 3 capsules daily.)
$9.99 for 90 Pectin/Bromelain Capsules (pectin 600mg, bromelain 200mg each*. Dosage: 3 capsules daily.)

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What is pectin, and how does it help cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer? Pectin comes from the rinds of citrus fruits and the pulp of apples. It is a natural soluble fiber and is commonly used as a thickener in jellies and jams. In the studies and research cited below, pectin protects against cancer, reduces inflammation and cholesterol levels, removes artery plaque, eliminates arthritic pain and stiffness, eliminates constipation and diahrea, and regulates blood glucose levels. Additionally, pectin contains boron, which boosts mental alertness and reduces calcium loss that leads to osteoporosis. Also described below is pectin's ability to enhance cell uniformity, reducing the occurrence of malignancy.

Pectin and Cholesterol: Reduce cholesterol, remove artery plaque Dr. James J. Cerda of the University of Florida Medical College in Gainesville shows before and after photos of a plaque-clogged artery that was dramatically cured after 9 months of pectin use. As you can see in the "after" picture, the artery which is cured from the ravages of high cholesterol appears to be in a much younger condition. Vita-Complete Canada, Inc. discusses pectin's unique ability to decrease the body's fat absorption, thus lowering cholesterol levels.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Cardiology showed citrus pectin significantly decreased blood cholesterol levels without altering diet or lifestyle.

Pectin and Arthritis: How does pectin actually help arthritis? Every joint in the body is encased in a connective tissue called synovia, which allows a joint to glide smoothly and painlessly as long as the synovial tissue is healthy. With age, synovial tissue can lose its elasticity and lubrication, causing pain, stiffness, and swelling with joint motion (arthritis). Pectin helps to return synovial and other connective tissue (arteries, tendons, ligaments, etc.) to their previously smooth, elastic, lubricated condition which promotes pain-free joint movement. This process begins after 1 to 3 weeks of consistent pectin consumption. Once pectin begins working, it works 24 hours per day as long as a daily intake of pectin is maintained (2 grams minimum).

Pectin and connective tissue are discussed by Dr. Katherine Poehlmann in her book titled Rheumatoid Arthritis, The Infection Connection. This book focuses upon targeting and treating the root cause of chronic illness.

When combined with bromelain (a pineapple extract), the relief can be even more dramatic, although bromelain has a more temporary anti-inflammatory effect.

Heart / Coronary health... Lowering your cholesterol reduces your risk of heart problems.

Prevent diabetes, gallstones... www.metromkt.net explains how pectin acts as an agent to reduce (or eliminate) the occurrence of diabetes and gallstones. Essentially, pectin has the ability to regulate blood glucose levels, especially if taken with meals.

Constipation... www.metromkt.net further highlights pectin's ability to prevent constipation.

Cancer... Pectin reduces your risk of cancer, according to an article at newswise.com. Additionally, scientists have conducted laboratory experiments using pectin to shrink and irradicate tumors, shown in studies at The Life Extension Foundation. Learn how pectin fights cholesterol and melanoma cancer at LifeExtension.com. "...A component in citrus pectin may help prevent prostate cancer..." according to a study published in the June issue of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, TheEagle.com Health.

Weight Loss... Lose weight and keep it off, highlighted by WorldWideShoppingMall

Hardening of the arteries... As mentioned above, pectin improves the condition of connective tissue in the body. This includes arteries and veins. Also mentioned above is pectin's ability to prevent arterial buildup which leads to arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). This topic is also discussed in detail at: The Internet Health Library.

Prostate Cancer... Texas A&M University states: "CITRUS PECTIN MAY HELP PREVENT PROSTATE CANCER..." The article further states that a substance present in pectin enhances cell uniformity, thus reducing the occurrence of malignancy.

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* Pectin and pectin/bromelain capsules contain a trace amount of a natural corn derivative (magnesium stearate) in order to encapsulate into gelatin capsules.

According to references cited within this web site, quercetin has been shown in studies to be effective against cancerous tumors. Additionally, studies show that bromelain, quercetin, and pectin can all be used in combination to help alleviate or reduce the symptoms of diseases and conditions. Please see our testimonial page to read about how these products have been used as a natural cure, home remedy, and natural healing for those seeking relief of cancer, arthritis, cholesterol, diabetes, allergies, allergic reaction to food and medicine (and allergy to airborne allergens), chronic prostate and prostatitis, chronic bladder and cystitis, viruses, herpes virus, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity, inflammation, high blood pressure, stroke prevention and weight reduction. Our products are considered by many to be natural healing herbs and herbal remedies.

According to this article on cancer, quercetin (from various fruits and vegetables), a bioflavanoid (an antioxidant), is chemically attracted to damaged (cancerous) cells, bonding to them and rendering them harmless, thereby preventing metastasizing (spreading) by inhibiting the replication of damaged, diseased cells. This is one method in which quercetin can assist in helping damaged, diseased cells to no longer metastasize (spread).

Bromelain (from pineapples) is an anti-inflammatory used to aid digestion, accelerate healing, prevent stroke, reduce blood pressure, reduce or eliminate pain.

Pectin (from apples and some citrus fruits) is used to reduce or eliminate arthritis symptoms, cholesterol, obesity, constipation, gallstones or galstones, and diabetes. Pectin can also prevent dimentia (senility or senile behavior), stroke, and heart attack by improving the health of veins, arteries, and other connective tissue.

Natural cure, natural healing, holistic medicine at a discount price. Bromelain, pectin, and quercetin.

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